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Located in the River North neighborhood, just a short distance from downtown Chicago, SAE Chicago is the premier Institution for Creative Media Education in the Midwest. We join the over 50 SAE campuses around the world committed to educational excellence, and are enthused to bring such a rich history to SAE’s newest U.S. campus.

SAE Chicago occupies over 19,000 sq. feet and includes numerous studios, workstations, classrooms, and a theater to create the optimal learning experience for every student. We believe strongly in traditional lecture style classes to teach theory. However, a strong emphasis on hands-on application and individual training is also built into our curriculum, to provide practical experiences that mirror scenarios that occur in non-academic settings.

Our expert instructors provide students with industry-standard techniques and technology, so our graduates are fully prepared for entry-level jobs in the industries we teach. Graduates also have the distinct advantage of joining SAE’s International Alumni Network, comprised of industry professionals all over the world. Call us at (312) 300-5685 to schedule a tour of the facilities and learn more about the diverse array of programs we offer.


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Non-accredited, personal enrichment courses:

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View the current Chicago Audio Technology Program brochure here, the Music Business Program brochure here, the Electronic Music Production brochure hereand the Beat Lab Production brochure here.  

To take a virtual tour of the Chicago campus click here. For additional information regarding SAE Chicago, please send us an e-mail at chicago@sae.edu.