Using our renowned method of combining theory and practical education, the Beat Lab Production (BLP) certificate program provides an opportunity for aspiring producers to learn and perfect their skills in the art of Hip Hop music production, from trained instructors using the latest tools and software. This program encourages immense professional growth and provides great insight for the producer by combining the fundamentals of Hip Hop music production with new cutting edge techniques and perspectives. Students will graduate from the part-time 12 week program with the skills and knowledge essential for creating the music they love, take his or her production abilities to the next level and give them an edge over their peers.

The Beat Lab Production course teaches the history of Hip Hop, Home Studio Acoustics and Setup, MIDI, Reason, Logic Studio, Vocal Recording and Editing Techniques, Pro Tools, Instrument Miking and Recording Techniques, Mixing, Production Tips & Tricks, Marketing, Promotion and more.